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Linsten Management

Linsten Morris Presents Our New Website!

Linsten Morris proudly presents our brand new Website!

We have just launched a very new and different version of our website. As technology is ever changing, we felt it was time that our website grew up a little, not just aesthetically but also in the way we communicate in actively providing content and updates on what we are up to!

 Our goal is to provide a high level of service for our clients everyday and we realised it was time to bring a high level of service to our website as well. Designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation we have updated the Linsten Morris Site with the latest information about our Services, Recent Activity, Portfolio and Contact Information.

 You can now find out and discover brand new information on everything from where our office is located, maybe learn a little more about what we do here at Linsten Morris and search through the Actors that we represent all under the same roof. We promise to regularly update the site with updates on recent casting announcements, our latest signings, the latest production releases both nationally and from around the world and whatever else is going on.

You will be able to watch videos on Movie Trailers, Interviews and more! One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site that allows the users to quickly find the content that they want! We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more about the business and gain new experiences and information each time each and every time you visit. We also hope this new website better reflects the future outlook of the business and takes us into the new innovative and connected future we are heading towards.


Sarah & Nathan