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Linsten Management

Linsten Morris Management’s Ramsay street Takeover

Linsten Morris Management’s Young Neighbours star Felix Mallard  returned to the show’s set as a regular this year.

Linsten Morris Hits Ramsay Street

The actor played Ben Kirk on and off since 2014 and had particularly lengthy stints last year, but was also busy with school at the time. Having now finished Year 12, Mallard is focusing on a full-time acting career and became a main cast member on Neighbours when he returned to screens in March. His character Ben is the son of Libby Kennedy and grandson to Karl and Susan (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne).ben

Felix – who is also an accomplished musician- plays, guitar, base, piano and drums. His band Enemies Alike, are currently recording an EP and have played at iconic Melbourne venues such as The Esplanade and the Central Club Hotel. 

Felix was joined on the Neighbours set this year by Linsten Morris’ incredibly talented Jodi Anasta. Jodi made her debut as regular character Elly Conway This July.

jodi on set

“We’ve all got a mysterious past don’t we?” she said of her character. “Elly is the fun, feisty unpredictable niece of Susan and Karl Kennedy. “She is an English teacher, which is amazing because I get to play out one of my childhood dreams of being a teacher and I get to have fun…she is a little bit wild and has an unconventional way of teaching so all these great layers of naughtiness but with a heart of gold.

Coincidentally, both Felix and Jodi’s characters live in the Kennedy Household during their time on the show. “It’s so amazing working with Jackie and Fletch (Alan Fletcher who plays Karl Kennedy), the dynamic they have in the Kennedy house is so incredible,” Anasta says, of her on-screen family. “There’s always so much going on with them and great energy as well, It’s nice to feel like I’m slotting myself in. Working with Jackie in quite a few one-on-one scenes is amazing. “I feel really comfortable working with her.”

jodi and ben

To stay up to date with Felix and Jodi, you can catch Neighbours weeknights on eleven.