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Linsten Management

Relativley speaking, Jonny Hawkins is a standout!

Linsten Morris Management’s wonderful JONNY HAWKINS is a stand out in Relatively Speaking at the Ensemble Theatre!!!

Alan Ayckbourn’s “excellently acted play” is a “deliciously awkward comedy of misunderstandings” directed by veteran ensemble director Mark Kilmurry.

Critics call our own Jonny Hawkins “deftly hilarious” “unbelievably animated” and “entirely compelling” as Greg, “whom he plays with a winning blend of guilelessness and dogged curiosity”

Greg, is the slightly eccentric young “straight man” who has unexpectedly proposed to his fairly new girlfriend Ginny (Emma Palmer), and then rather impetuously yet innocently caught a train to introduce himself to her affluent parents at their country house. But when he meets Philip (David Whitney) and Sheila (Tracy Mann), the older couple are not what he expects… and vice-versa. Hilarity, as they say, ensues.


Hawkins – in his first main stage production – “introduces himself into the Sydney theatre landscape with all the comic assurance and panache of a seasoned performer. He is a delight. There is not a moment on stage when he does not exist as the naive and charming ‘hero’ of the piece. One cares empathetically for his Greg, and, perhaps, even fears for his future well being in this world of domestic ‘relative’ speaking”

If you’re itching to get down to see the up and coming Jonny Hawkins in this highly entertaining play, the details are as follows:

Venue: Ensemble Theatre | 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli, NSW, 2061
Dates: 30 November 2016 – 14 January 2017
Tickets: $66 – $73
Bookings: 02 9929 0644 | www.ensemble.com.au
Ensemble Theatre, November 30. Until January 14