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Anything but Crickets for the cast of Rickets Lane

“Loud, bright, catchy, filthy, pun-filled, twisted, and bursting with heart” Welcome to Ricketts Lane!

The new side-splitting musical comedy from acclaimed stand up comedians Sammy J (aka Sam McMillan) and his purple puppet pal Randy (Heath McIvor) shows us what happens when good, old-fashioned story telling crashes headlong into an award-winning comedy duo.

The pair star as two of the most perfectly mismatched housemates of all time alongside Linsten Morris’s own, hilarious Georgia Chara. Georgia is perfection playing the role of Wednesday- Sammy J’s hopelessly lovesick and not at all borderline obsessive receptionist.

Full of absurd storylines and some of the most exquisitely unexpected transitions into break out musical numbers ever recorded, the show was recently given the iView binge watch treatment for the month of September. But if you missed it don’t freak out just yet! The show is set to screen on ABC this October. This time around it is NOT to be missed!!

Find out more here: http://www.stickypictures.tv/work/ricketts/

Production Credits: A Sticky Pictures Production in association with ABC TV, Film Victoria and Screen Australia. Written by and starring Sammy J and Randy. Produced by Donna Andrews, co-produced by Chris McDonald. Directed by Jonathan Brough. Sticky Pictures Executive Producers Donna Andrews and Stu Connolly. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh